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How It Works

Working with vetted developers and designers has never been easier.

How It Works
Employ best-in-class talent

Resource Alignment Process

Aspired offers a full spectrum of highly skilled professionals to build your autonomous delivery team. With access to over 200 resources, you can get start with your dedicated team with the expertise and experience YOU NEED for your success in as little as 48 hours.

You share your requirements, and we analyze the scope.

You share your requirements, and we analyze the scope.

As part of our requirements gathering process, we analyze the nature of your project, its vision and scope (as well as the current status - for existing projects).

We recommend your engineering team composition and engagement.

We recommend your engineering team composition and engagement.

Based on your project's technical needs and required roles, a team structure & engagement model is proposed. As part of our team selection process, we ensure each member has relevant project experience & industry exposure to minimize communication gaps and maximize optimal outputs.

You sign a contract with us.

You sign a contract with us.

It's as simple as it sounds! Once you've signed up, your onboarding process begins and you are set up with your project engineering manager and a discovery workshop.

We assign your engineering team members.

We assign your engineering team members.

Each resource is designated with role-base tasks that are carried out via our project management utility - JIRA which offers complete transparency throughout your development journey.

You receive bi-weekly updates & weekly reports.

You receive bi-weekly updates & weekly reports.

100% transparency is what we strive for. You will receive daily status updates, have weekly progress meetings and access to JIRA. Whether you'd like an in-depth view of the progress or high-level updates, we have you covered!

We Support Your Growth

Remote solutions (without the remote problems)

Your Dedicated Team

Your team works autonomously since we assign a complete team to manage and build your project.

Transparent and Accountable

You receive detailed status reports with clear communication as often as you request.

Leverage Agile Methodology

Your team shapes your design and functionality with reliance on your feedback and input.

Dedicated Engineering Teams

Your dedicated technicians work swiftly in sprints tackling a task list while maintaining flexibility.

Efficiency and Delivery

Experienced teams always have an optimized approach, and that’s why you get quality and speed.

Work With Us

3 – 2 – 1 – Lift Off!

With a process tailored and optimized to deliver the results you expect, your dedicated engineering team supports you in whatever way you need to be successful.

Build My Team


A typical dedicated team structure requires the following key roles necessary to manage your project autonomously and meet your requirements. The roles include:

  • Frontend engineers: Responsible for ensuring all the user interface elements or “look and feel” functions work properly.
  • Backend engineers: These developers build and maintain the components needed to power the “look and feel” elements. This includes the core application logic, databases, integrations, and other back-end processes.
  • QA engineers: These engineers lead the quality control of the development lifecycle. They are not only responsible for ensuring the product is bug-free but also ensuring that all processes used to develop the product are of optimum quality.
  • UI/UX designers: As the creative leads in the project, they’re responsible for ensuring the overall user experience is interactive, intuitive and engaging and most importantly in aligned with the client’s vision.
  • DevOps engineers: They work alongside the developers to ensure all development and testing operations function smoothly.
  • Business analysts: They focus on gathering business requirements, processes and pain points that can be translated to technical specifications for developers as well as offering suggestions and reporting the stakeholders.
  • Project engineering managers: Responsible for the success of the project, they plan, execute, and track and progress and delivery of the project as well as manager all resources tied to a project.

Our teams vary, in general, it’s between 4 and 20 people. Usually, our clients start with small team structure but 70% ask for additional resources after working with us for a few months and return with additional projects.

Team setup usually take 48 to 72 hours but the initial core team member allocation can take up to 2 weeks.

They are many benefits but the three that stand out the most are:

  • Reduced overhead expenses
  • Qualified professional workforce – no handholding needed
  • Reduced recruitment time
  • No infrastructure investment