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Remote Plus Team


  • Backed by Aspired Guarantee
  • HR & Payroll
  • Remote Onboarding
  • Top-notch Benefits administration management
  • Aspired Community Access
  • Member resource groups
  • Career coaching
  • Remote IT support
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Remote Elastic Team


  • Everything in Remote Plus Team
  • Access to collaboration spaces
  • Regional flexibility with Aspired offices across four tech hubs: in the US, UAE, India, and Pakistan.
  • Office space optimized for engineer productivity
  • Access to exclusive product demos and team events.
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Consider these employees your full-time, dedicated resources that work for you on a full-time basis. Aspired takes care of medical benefits and other insurance since these employees are primarily associated with us, but they work as your dedicated resources alone under a specified Remote Employee Hiring Cost.

Aspired helps you recruit, manage, and retain the best talent for your business. You retain your employees through effective HR management, enabling remote workspace and effective compensation. You get to leverage end-to-end resource management platforms for all your HR needs.
Let’s connect to find the right team for you.

You get to work with us to pick the right fit for your project. If, for some reason, the employee does not perform well in the first three months, you can get a replacement. The rehiring will be free of cost, and your Aspired Account Manager will handle the off-boarding and find a new resource for you.

Yes, we hire resources in the United States, and across the globe too. We offer remote hiring as a service around the world out of our pool of associated talent, and we have offices in the United States, UAE, India, and Pakistan.

Yes, your resources will have access to all levels of our offices according to their needs and preferences.

Plus Teams offer you full-time access to your hired team only.
Elastic hiring allows you to build your remote team. You get access to all the available talent by hiring the right resources when you need them.

You have a range of community benefits to avail. These ensure higher employee retention and engagement. Some of these include our university, project demos, member outings, interest-based resource groups, team lunches, and more.

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