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About Branded Online

Branded Online is a well-known digital agency that provides technology transformation services to its clientele. Aspired and Branded Online collaborated to deliver solutions that help Branded Online’s clients with inventory management, eCommerce store customization, and much more.

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Aspired Played a Crucial Role in Development for Branded Online's Clients

With some big names like Tacori, Nygard, and Frye, in their portfolio, Branded Online required a partner with the right skill set to deliver services, including customization of their Magento eCommerce stores, database migration, and inventory management. Design and extension customization was also among the things that needed attention.

They reached out to Aspired in order to engage a team of Magento developers that could deliver the required services. Aspired was up for the task and soon assessed Branded Online’s needs. After a complete analysis of the project's complexity, Aspired assembled an 11 member team that included:

  • 8 Magento Developers (6 Back End and 2 Front End)
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager

Most importantly, Aspired provided them an engineering wing with 8 to 9 years of experience working with the Magento platform. Branded Online did not have the bandwidth to grow their technical team in a quicker time frame, which was the primary reason for partnering with Aspired.

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Challenges Along the Way

The assembled team had to face multiple challenges along the way, and each client-side project faced different challenges.

Some clients required staging and production environments to be similar to planning, implementation and testing. These were key to ensuring a smooth transition. Another challenge was database migration for Tacori, where the team had to migrate the data from Magento 2.2 to Magento 2.4.

This migration involved the moving of data of more than 18000 customers. The orders and complete customer information had to be migrated to the newer version of Magento, which was a complex task particularly because Magento does not support the old versions.

Moreover, Tacori was built on a page builder called blue foot, which was not usable in the newer version of Magento.

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Aspired Aided Branded Online in Yielding Fruitful Results

Proper planning conducted each week with Branded Online ensured minimum hiccups along the way. Daily standups, externally and internally, ensured proper team coordination.

Aspired set up four environments in accordance with Branded Online’s request. They established a development environment along with environments for testing, production, and staging.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the team had to plan and adapt to new methods along the way. In these challenging times when developers worked from remote locations, the team worked with total commitment and dedication. The migration of databases, running tests, and blueprint customization, went according to plan without missing any deadlines.

The solution for Tacori was not easy, as it required a new page builder. This meant a complete rebuild, which would be an enormous and time-consuming task. Aspired used an alternative approach, which entailed customizing the blueprint, making it easier for them to integrate changes.

Phase 2

After completing these critical projects, Branded Online extended its collaboration with Aspired for Phase 2. Aspired onboarded Magento developers quickly, which strengthened their working relationship. This led to them hiring a dedicated QA team for their 26 Shopify sites. Furthermore, they decided to hand over their inventory management system (ENCORE) to Aspired for QA automation.

The dedicated technical team collaborates with Branded Online and its customers concerning all technical upgrades and maintenance while delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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