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About OOMCO World

OOMCO is Oman’s leading oil marketing and distribution company for fuel and lubricant products. It offers extensive retail services throughout Oman, and deals in direct fuel sales to the Government and Commercial sectors, comprising Lubricant products, Aviation Refueling, and Storage and Distribution. With OOMCO’s enormous network, they wanted to create an app that would offer multiple features to their consumers. However, they required additional development resources with the expertise required for the mission.

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App Expertise

The OOMCO team reached out to Aspired to align developers from Aspired’s resource pool to build out their MVP. Aspired was offered the RFP through a tender process, and it followed the necessary processes to propose a solution that would help achieve OOMCO’s objectives. Aspired was awarded the tender after a thorough selection process comprising more than 20 vendors.

Resources from Aspired built an MVP that offers a wide range of features that allows consumers to easily find the nearest gas stations, make purchases through the stores, and a lot more.

Android app preview

Convenience and Utility for Customers

OOMCO and Aspired resources coordinated to build a virtual version of Basma card to be incorporated in the app. Most customers had already been using this card to pay for fuel. With this integration, customers now have the flexibility to pay through their app instantly without having to carry any cash or card. So, even if you forget your wallet at your home, all you need to do is take out your phone, pay through the app, and instantly fuel up.


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OOMCO Aligns Aspired Resources

Once the app was live, OOMCO experienced a significant boost in the number of users. With this, the application required optimization, regular updates, and restructuring. To pursue all these requirements, their engineering strength needed to be increased with the right expertise.

OOMCO’s Collaboration with Aspired

OOMCO hired dedicated resources from Aspired for building the remaining phases of the project, improving security, payment integrations, and much more. The DevOps and QA Automation resources also played a vital role in back-and-forth load testing and automation.

All stakeholders realized the importance of communication for this project. The Product Owners of both teams (Aspired & OOMCO) conducted daily scrums to plan, execute, and coordinate with both teams. The resources recruited for OOMCO included the following:

  • 1 React Native Engineer
  • 1 Node JS Engineer
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Account Manager

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